Are you guys ready for a FLASH MOB!?!? We have a family in our church congregation (Joe and Stephanie Marquez) that consistently goes above and beyond to help at the church and in the community. It is time for us to turn it around and bless them. They have had a trying week with their only car large enough to carry their whole family died for good. Then they had an emergency dental surgery for one of their kids. So we would like to surprise them with a flash mob to hopefully get some seed money together to save for a new vehicle. I hope you can join us because any amount of money will help, from spare change to $100 bills it all will be a blessing. So keep it a secret so we can surprise them. Hope to see you there.

PLACE: 5535 SE Rhone Street, Portland, Oregon 97206.

DATE & TIME: Thursday 8/23 at 6:45pm - If you are late, you will miss it.

WHAT TO BRING: Noisemakers & as much money as the Lord leads you to give. (no amount is too small!)

IMPORTANT...THIS IS A SECRET! Invite others but once you show up on location, be discreet. The family has no idea we are coming! You don't want to miss this... see you there!!!

-Mission Church Flash Mob Team

For more information, text us at (503)-563-7377 or email us at


Flash Mobs are at the heart of what we do at Mission Church. We love coming together as a body to bless someone in a complete surprise without asking for anything in return. If you have never been a part of this awesome event, please plan to show up at the designated place at the designated time with a few dollars to give. If you can't spare any cash, write a handwritten note or give away a coffee card you haven't used. You can also bring noisemakers! We are going to rush in like a crazy mob, bless this family and disappear in a flash. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes but changes lives for a lifetime! Check out this example of a Mission Church flash mob...