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Next Step Bible Study - Day Seven - YOU ARE NOT ALONE

I’ve made a decision to follow Jesus Christ, what now?

Congratulations on your decision to follow Christ! This is the most important and exciting decision you have or will ever make in your life! Now that you’ve decided to follow Jesus, let’s talk about what has happened.

The moment that you confessed that you were a sinner, miraculous things took place. First and foremost, God instantly forgave you and chooses to no longer remember the sins you confessed (1 John 1:9, Hebrews 8:12). This is possible because God sent his only son Jesus, to to pay the penalty for our sins (John 3:16). In addition to your forgiveness, you were also given eternal life and were adopted into God’s spiritual family (Ephesians 1:4-5).

There are many exciting things that begin happening when we make the decision to become a Christ follower. But Jesus didn’t intend for us to walk this journey called life alone. Another super cool gift we are given at the moment of salvation is the Holy Spirit. John chapter 16 tells us that the Holy Spirit will be our guide, our teacher, and help us in making all of our decisions.

Becoming a Christian hasn’t taken away your desire to sin. You will still face temptations, and the Bible tells us that we will still have problems in life to deal with. The best news is, now you have the Holy Spirit and a church family to help guide you through these things! There is hope!

Mission Church offers some awesome Next Steps. First, get plugged into The Process of Discipleship. These 3 courses (Starting Point, Basic Training and Strategy Class) will help you lay the foundation to your faith. They will teach you about Mission Church’s core values and history, the fundamentals of the Bible, and they will help you develop a strategy for your life. Next, you’ll get plugged into a Small Group. Small Groups help us connect with each other and grow deeper in our relationship with Christ. Feel free to contact our Welcome Center for more details. We are excited to walk this journey with you!